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    Biology is a high value-added field, in which lies endless potential for development. The biggest issues faced these days concern human health and the quality of life. As a result, R&D investments are concentrated in biology and health-related fields, and there is a demand for bio companies, which are expected to become one of the core industries in the future.

    It is no wonder that the whole world is investing heavily to build infrastructure for bio industries. Research Resource Centers have been placed in the position which plays a vital role in this infrastructure by providing research resources geared toward basic research as well as industrial use.

    KNRRC was founded with urgent necessity to become a systematic management system for research resource centers. This system requires: standardization of resources, production of guidelines, education and training for workforces, establishment of a certification system, and cooperative networking with research resource centers at home and abroad.

    We will do our best to ensure that researchers are able to carry out their work more easily and conveniently using reliable research resources and associated information. There is still much to do, but we believe that KNRRC will become a representative research resource center trusted around the world.

    Thank you.

  • KIM, Hasuck Ph.D
    KNRRC Foundation